With climate change seen as the biggest threat facing humanity, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) production by replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources is now a global target. EffecTech plays a key part in this global measurement system ensuring traceability and accuracy for transition fuels, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), biomethane and hydrogen-enriched fuel gases.

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Representation of H2 molecules
Measuring hydrogen-enriched fuel gases

Products and services for customers who need to measure up to 20% hydrogen in natural or fuel gas mixtures

Hydrogen Purity

EffecTech’s new enhanced DB Gold cylinders are suitable for high purity hydrogen for accurate measurement of impurities in hydrogen fuel cell fuelling stations.

Power plant stacks / chimneys emitting gases which require continuous emissions monitoring CEM
Tackling climate change through metrology

As well as monitoring CO2 emissions, EffecTech can also assist with research into the capture, usage and storage of carbon to remove it from the atmosphere


EffecTech’s products and services help our biomethane customers demonstrate compliance with network entry agreements and safety requirements.

Offshore oil and gas production platform
Natural Gas

Natural gas is seen as the ‘renewables best friend’ during the transition to carbon-zero fuels.

LNG Tanks at the Port of Barcelona ReGas import Terminal
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG is becoming popular as a transition fuel as it is easier to transport long distances than natural gas