Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) production by replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources is now a global target. One step towards decarbonising gas networks is to enrich natural gas with up to 20% hydrogen, and trials such as HyDeploy and HyNet are demonstrating that this is a viable option.

EffecTech now offers calibration gas mixtures for hydrogen-enriched fuel gas mixtures for up to 20% hydrogen. In addition, EffecTech’s full range of performance evaluations and inspections are suitable for instruments measuring fuel gases enriched with hydrogen.

Calibration gases for hydrogen-enriched fuel gases

Calibration gases accredited to ISO 17034 and ISO 17025 for fuel gases containing up to 20% hydrogen.

Representation of H2 molecules
Performance evaluations and inspections for hydrogen-enriched fuel gases

Performance evaluations and inspections for GC and other instruments measuring up to 20% hydrogen