If your laboratory holds ISO 17025 accreditation, then regular participation in a proficiency testing scheme is a mandatory requirement. In addition, proficiency testing schemes (also known as ‘round robin’ schemes) provide participating laboratories with an objective way of assessing their performance (bias, stability, and repeatability) by a series of regular inter-laboratory comparisons.

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Regular participation also allows laboratories to monitor levels of improvement against their own results as well as the results from other participants. This helps laboratories to identify any systematic errors in their measurements, and this can then be used to formulate a continuous improvement plan.

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Laboratories seeking to demonstrate their high quality standards to customers and other stakeholders can use their proficiency testing scheme results as evidence.

EffecTech’s proficiency testing schemes attract participants from all over the world. EffecTech is an ISO 17043 accredited proficiency testing scheme provider. By participating in an EffecTech scheme, you are guaranteed that:

  • All data, including the names of participating laboratories and individual performance results, will be kept strictly confidential
    • Only the submitting laboratory will receive feedback on their performance
    • Performance data will be reported to the whole group anonymously
  • All data processing and verification is carried out by EffecTech, an independent laboratory.

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EffecTech has an excellent reputation for customer service. Customers participating in an EffecTech proficiency testing scheme benefit from a responsive, experienced team who ensure that the scheme provision, from your initial enquiry to the delivery of the final report, is performed at the highest level of quality.

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