In addition to the two formal schemes on offer, EffecTech® provides on demand proficiency testing schemes, in which gas mixtures are provided to a client for ‘blind’ measurement. On-demand schemes are available for sulphur, hydrocarbons and emissions testing.

If you’ve made changes to your measurement system, an on-demand scheme will allow you to quickly check your system and processes are still achieving the correct results without having to wait for the next round of the proficiency testing scheme. On-demand schemes also allow you to assess performance in-house so potential issues can be identified and addressed in advance of formal participation in a proficiency testing scheme.

After measurement and reporting of results, a short report is provided and then an ISO 17025 certificate is issued for the gas mixture(s) to provide traceability standards for quality control or calibration.

These schemes are not covered by EffecTech’s ISO 17043 proficiency testing scheme accreditation.

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