EffecTech offers high quality calibration gases and performance evaluations to reduce measurement uncertainty in your hydrogen application.

Hydrogen-enriched fuel gas mixtures

EffecTech now offers calibration gas mixtures for hydrogen-enriched fuel gas mixtures for up to 20% hydrogen. To find out more, please contact us.

ISO 17034 and ISO 17025 table of ranges and uncertainties


EffecTech’s calibration gas design takes into account the following to deliver the optimum gas mixture for your measurement needs.

  • Variation of stream gas composition
  • Operational temperature and pressure
  • Accuracy needed to make it fit for purpose

Maximising gas volume

Proposed designs will also maximise cylinder fill pressures, where appropriate, through gas liquid phase equilibrium calculations so you receive the highest gas volume possible within the required parameters.

Physical properties

Physical properties for all hydrogen-enriched natural gas calibration mixtures are included on certificates of calibration. These can be used for measurement confirmation as part of your quality control procedures and validation.

Physical properties of calorific value, relative density, real density, Wobbe index, mean molar mass and compression factor are calculated from composition according to ISO 6976, GPA 2172 or ASTM D3588.

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View our Sample Reports and Certificates in our technical papers section.