EffecTech’s Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme has been described as “excellent all round” and has participants in the UK and Ireland as well as in the rest of Europe and Asia.

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   SEPTS Report

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   (SEPTS) frequency and benefits

Mixture Types Composition range


Composition Range
sulphur dioxide in nitrogen 50ppm to 1000ppm
propane in 10% oxygen /nitrogen 1ppm to 50ppm
nitric oxide in nitrogen 5ppm to 500ppm
carbon monoxide in nitrogen 50ppm to 1000ppm
oxygen in nitrogen 2% to 14%
carbon dioxide in nitrogen 1% to 10%
NO/NO2 Mix nitric oxide (NO) in NO/NO2 mix 40ppm to 400ppm
nitrogen oxides (NOx) in NO/NO2 mix 50ppm to 500ppm


Participants are required to report the composition and an estimate of the uncertainty of the gas where appropriate using the reporting template.


Evaluation will be using ISO 17043 approved methods including En ratio and Z scores.


As mandated by ISO 17043, all data including participants and performance will be kept strictly confidential. Only the submitting laboratory will receive feedback on their performance. Performance data will be reported to the whole group anonymously.