CyroStatWorld’s First Traceable Cryogenic LNG Reference Liquids Developed at EffecTech

As Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) continues to grow as an energy source globally, it is vital that both suppliers and users ensure that rigorous standards and measurement methods are applied to avoid the risks of mismeasurement which lead to costly disputes.

LNG has its own unique sampling issues related to its vapourisation. In response to this, EffecTech has developed a bespoke cryostat facility for the production of cryogenic LNG reference liquids.

What are the issues with LNG sampling?

Pre-vapourisation and enrichment occur when the LNG sample is not completely vapourised in a single step. Partial vapourisation leads to the most volatile components vapourising first, leaving an enriched sample in the liquid phase. Both phases are not representative of the true sample composition. Only by vapourising the sample in a single step will the true composition be achieved which then can be analysed. Often the LNG sampling system is common to both the online GC and the incremental samplers which are analysed subsequently in the laboratory, this means any sampling problems cannot be identified through the observed differences between online and laboratory results. This highlights the need for an LNG sampling system inspection.

   How the Cryostat works

Bespoke LNG Consultancy

EffecTech® is at the forefront of LNG quality measurement techniques and would like to work with partners in industry to develop LNG gas quality measurement standards.

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