EffecTech PRGM, SRGM and CGM calibration gasesUsing EffecTech® calibration gases can greatly reduce the uncertainty of the gas measurements you make whether it be underpinning your fiscal, contractual or environmental obligations.

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EffecTech offers ISO 17025 calibration gases for the following applications:

EffecTech, through its UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, provides high quality gas mixtures with unrivalled traceability, accuracy, stability & delivery. EffecTech calibration gases provide world-leading levels of accuracy and uncertainty for your measurement systems, accredited against the requirements of ISO 17025:

  • Excellent lead-times
  • Prepared by high precision gravimetry
  • Verified analytically by traceable comparison methods
  • Fully compliant with ISO 6142 – Part 1 and ISO 6143

All of the calibration gases can be supplied by EffecTech as ISO 17025 accredited Primary Reference Gas Mixtures (PRGM), Secondary Reference Gas Mixtures (SRGM) or through a third party supplier as a Calibrated Gas Mixture (CGM).

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