Measurement errors can occur at any stage in the gas quality measurement system. EffecTech’s ISO 17020 accredited inspection provides an objective assessment of the sampling system, pressure reduction system, carrier and calibration gas systems against industry best practice. This gives confidence that the sampled gas is being conditioned appropriately and is representative.

Regular inspections give customers confidence that every stage of their gas measurement process on their sites has been assessed in line with the requirements for their particular measurements. EffecTech’s wealth of experience in gas measurements systems means that all recommendations are based both on the most up to date equipment and industry best practice.

An EffecTech ISO 17020 inspection covers:

  • Sampling
  • Sample conditioning
  • Calibration
  • Analysis
  • Physical property calculation
  • Quality control
  • Maintenance

A detailed report is provided, which makes recommendations, where appropriate, to improve the measurement system.

Support services

As part of our service we include free telephone support and advice including:

  • Analytical procedures
  • Calibration gas composition
  • Quality control procedures
  • Refinement of parameters to improve gas quality measurements

Gas Quality Chain

The image below describes a typical analysis of the whole gas measurement system.

Gas Quality Chain diagram

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View our Sample Reports and Certificates in our technical papers section.