Natural gas composition varies from source to source and often varies on a daily and seasonal basis. EffecTech’s experienced staff draw on over twenty years of experience in the gas industry to provides products and services to suit each customer’s specific requirements.

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Fuel gas combined cycle power plant, which uses natural gas to generate electricity
Calibration Gases for Natural Gas

EffecTech’s ISO 17034 certified reference materials and ISO 17025 calibrated gas mixtures are designed to deliver the optimum gas mixture for your measurement needs.

Offshore oil and gas production platform
Performance Evaluations and Inspections

Effectech offers performance evaluations of analytical instrumentation and inspection of gas quality measurement systems to help customers maintain confidence in analytical measurements.

Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme (SEPTS)
Proficiency Testing Schemes

EffecTech’s Global gas and LNG proficiency testing scheme enjoys global participation from Natural Gas and LNG Companies, providing an international scope for inter-laboratory companies.

Stack flare burning off flammable gas at industrial plant
Natural Gas Analysis

EffecTech provides a high quality ISO 17025 testing service for the oil and gas, and power industries.

Experienced trainer delivering bespoke and standard training courses; gas chromatography
Effectech Training Courses

Effectech’s training academy offers standard and bespoke-one day and two-day training courses on a wide range of gas measurement topics to suit the needs of those working in gas quality and measurement to you

EffecTech headquarters in Uttoxeter, UK
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