Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a growing world commodity as its benefits become increasingly recognised. The global LNG trade in 2016 accounted at 263.6 Million Tonnes, a 7.5% increase on 2015 with 39 countries importing LNG and 19 countries exporting it*.

LNG’s growth is partly due to the overall global increase in demand for natural gas as countries, move away from more polluting fuels, such as coal. LNG can also be stored so it can be used to meet seasonal fluctuations in demand and it is more easily transportable over long distances, making it preferable to the other fossil fuels.

The EffecTech® Academy LNG training course is invaluable for technicians and managers who want to keep track up to date with the latest developments in LNG. In particular, this course covers measurement issues relating to sampling and vapourisation, which are vital to ensuring that mismeasurement, which could incur financial penalties, does not occur.

This course is for: engineers and managers interested in Liquefied Natural Gas measurement and the management of its associated issues, such as fractionation

Course Content:

  • How is LNG produced?
  • Transportation, un-loading, storage and re-gasification of LNG
  • Measurement of LNG, volume and quality
  • Sampling Issues
  • ISO 8943 – Sampling of LNG
  • Vapourisation, fractionation, enrichment and sub-cooling
  • EN12838 – Suitability testing of LNG sampling systems
  • Alternatives to GC measurement of LNG
  • Cryogenic LNG reference liquids

The course will provide an overview of the measurement of LNG and focus on difficulties in sampling and measurement. Current best practice will be covered along with an introduction to cutting edge research EffecTech has undertaken to produce known composition LNG which has been subsequently used to validate optical instruments for the direct measurement of LNG (Raman).

Course requirements:

Basic understanding of the natural gas industry is advantageous.

Course length: one day

All of EffecTech’s training courses can be provided in Uttoxeter, online, or at a customer site on request. For online delivery, the practical sessions are provided as demonstrations.

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