EffecTech® offers an LNG sampling system inspection service in accordance with ISO 8943 to enable customers to check that their sampling systems are fit for purpose under a full range of conditions and LNG compositions.

An experienced EffecTech Gas Quality engineer will complete a full inspection of the LNG loading / unloading sampling system against the requirement of ISO 8943. The inspection reviews the following:

  • Assessment of the enthalpy of sub-cooling from LNG heat capacities and degree of sub-cooling of the LNG
  • Assessment of the enthalpy of absorption for a particular sampling system design and operational parameters
  • On the basis of the above results, a quantitative assessment of the LNG sampling systems to achieve homogeneous sample vapourisation

Review of the GC repeatability in line with the requirements of EN 12838 for the measurement of vapourised LNG detailed compliance report is provided, highlighting the as-found configuration and the ability of the sampling system to provide a representative sample to the analytical instrumentation and/or sample collection. The report will use a Monte Carlo approach to model the system and operational parameters giving the end user safe operational limits, where pre-vapourisation and enrichment do not occur.

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