Collapsible Liquid Vessel Cylinders

Innovative new cylinder technology which offers the highest quality hydrocarbon liquid mixtures in a conventional cylinder and dip-tube valve, without the complexities and ongoing costs of owning a piston cylinder.

Developed in EffecTech’s cutting-edge Research and Development Laboratory

This new, patented technology keeps the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) / Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) in a single liquid phase. This innovation provides a stable liquid composition over the lifetime of the cylinder and so is perfect for LPG / NGL reference standards or reference materials. Unlike the piston or constant pressure cylinder, this new approach uses an adapted traditional gas cylinder but offers comparable results.

CLV cylinders are perfect for liquid reference mixtures.

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CALMERIC project

in 2020, EffecTech has been working with the CALMERIC project at University of Wolverhampton the CLV cylinder. Read their case study about their work on the identifying the right materials for the final product.


Gas Analysis 2019

EffecTech launched the CLV cylinder at Gas Analysis 2019.

You can download Dr Paul Holland’s presentation on the EffecTech Technical Information page.

For more details about Gas Analysis 2019, visit their website.