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EffecTech plays a key role in the global measurement system ensuring traceability and accuracy of the analysis of transition fuels.

Our customers range from large blue-chip oil & gas majors to small businesses creating biofuels from crops and other waste products. Our expertise lies in the measurement, calibration and analysis of natural gas, LNG, refinery gas, biofuels / biomethane and hydrogen-enhanced gaseous hydrocarbon fuels.

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EffecTech Calibration Gases, ISO 17025 standards, reference gas mixtures
Calibration Gases
Offshore oil and gas production platform
Natural Gas
Natural gas and LNG
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Biogas / biomethane plant in a maize field - performance evaluations and inspections
Representation of H2 molecules
Hydrogen and Transition Fuels
Emissions Trading and Testing
Bespoke consultancy meeting discussion
Consultancy and Research
EffecTech headquarters in Uttoxeter, UK
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