EffecTech® provides a high quality ISO 17025 testing service for the oil, and gas, and power industries, measuring samples from customers measuring natural gas, LNG, biomethane and carbon dioxide emissions.

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Fuel gas analysis is required for:

  • Carbon emissions monitoring (EU/ETS)
  • C6+ breakdown for upstream applications
  • Efficiency tests for power stations
  • Compliance testing (e.g. for total sulphur in the transmission network)
  • Hydrocarbon dewpoint determination

The EffecTech ISO 17025 scope covers sample analysis:

  • Natural gas up to C12, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and helium
  • Sulphur content

Customers requiring sample analysis have the option to either send their samples to EffecTech’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for analysis or request an on-site visit where an EffecTech engineer will take an analysis sample on your behalf.

EffecTech’s experienced staff will discuss fully all the options with you prior to undertaking any work to ensure the service offered is suitable for your requirements.

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Testing services

24 hours express analysis

For urgent requirements, results can be issued within 24 hours of the sample arriving at our laboratory.

48 hours standard analysis

For standard requirements, results are issued within 48 hours of the sample arriving at our laboratory.