New Appointment Strengthens EffecTech’s World Class Gas Metrology Capability

EffecTech is very pleased to announce the appointment of a new Principal Research Consultant, Gergely Vargha. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Gergely worked at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory for 10 years before joining EffecTech in February 2012.

Gergely was a key member of the NPL gas metrology team. His role involved the preparation and validation of the UK’s Primary Reference Standard Gas Mixtures (PSMs). During his time at the NPL, Gergely was the major contributor to the work in which the UK’s primary standards were used in international comparisons at CCQM (Consultative committee for the amount of substance). This is the method by which national metrology institutes can demonstrate international equivalence. Gergely’s innovative approach and keen eye for detail ensured and will continue to ensure the UK is at the forefront of gas metrology.

Published 02 March 2012  –  Related categories: Company  –