EffecTech’s Bespoke Research Facility Opens

A new research and logistics facility underpinning EffecTech’s commitment to growth and diversification opened recently. The new building covering 800 square metres over two floors is adjacent to EffecTech’s head office in Uttoxeter and will allow a wider range of calibration gas mixtures to be produced using a state-of-the art gravimetric facility.

Indeed the new facility has balances boasting a 2mg weighing uncertainty at 15kg which can compete with any of the national metrology institutes worldwide. Other high precision analytical equipment located in the new facility will underpin raw material purity analysis; ensuring gases of the appropriate purity are used in the gravimetric process.

The new research laboratory will be run by the internationally recognised gas metrologist, Gergely Vargha. The combination of a new state-of-the-art laboratory and world leading staff are sure to produce extraordinary results.

Published 02 March 2012  –  Related categories: Company  –