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Liquefied Natural Gas export plant, Sakhalin Island, Russia
Global Gas and LNG Proficiency Testing Scheme (GGLNG)

EffecTech’s GGLNG proficiency testing scheme enjoys global participation, providing an international scope for inter-laboratory comparisons.

EffecTech Calibration Gases, ISO 17025 standards, reference gas mixtures
On-Demand Proficiency Testing Schemes

EffecTech provides on demand proficiency testing schemes, in which gas mixtures are provided to a natural gas customers for ‘blind’ measurement.

Tablet screen showing part of a proficiency testing scheme report with control chart with limit values and calculated uncertainties
About EffecTech Proficiency Testing Schemes

EffecTech’s proficiency testing schemes attract participants from all over the world.

Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme (SEPTS)
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