Category: Natural Gas Analysis

New EffecTech brochure released July 2021

The new edition of the EffecTech brochure includes ISO 17034 CRMs, the CLV cylinder, Luxfer Gas Cylinders and performance evaluations for inferential devices. There’s also a new section for transition fuels, which covers all EffecTech’s products and services for LNG, biomethane, hydrogen-enriched … read more

ISO 17025:2017 transition achieved

EffecTech has now successfully transitioned from ISO 17025:2005 to ISO 17025:2017 after a UKAS audit in October 2019. In February, EffecTech received official confirmation that, following the UKAS assessment, the company‚Äôs accreditation for both calibration and testing have been updated … read more

Alternative carrier gases for process gas analysers – Free PDF presentation

In response to the current global shortage of helium, the EffecTech presentation on alternative carrier gases for process gas analysers has been updated as a PDF for general release: EffecTech – Alternative carrier gases for process gas analysers The presentation … read more

GIIGNL LNG Custody Transfer Handbook, 5th Edition: Performance evaluations specified as ‘best practice’

The 5th edition of the LNG Custody Transfer Handbook was published in March by the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL). The handbook covers best practice and guidance on the equipment and methodology for determining the thermal energy … read more