Another first for EffecTech – ISO 17025 accreditation granted for on-site temperature and pressure calibration

UKAS have granted EffecTech ISO 17025 accreditation for on-site calibration of temperature, pressure and differential pressure transmitters.

The transmitters are used to measure the temperature and pressure of natural gas in gas metering streams, and the differential pressure developed across an orifice plate under flowing conditions. These measurements are used to calculate the volume of gas flowing through the metering stream. These calibrations are carried out as part of a wider validation process of metering streams that measure gas flow for payment purposes, often referred to as ‘fiscal metering’. This accreditation for the calibration of the secondary elements for flow complements EffecTech’s existing ISO 17025 calibration scope for gas quality measurements. The ISO 17025 accreditation status gives customers unrivalled confidence in their fiscal metering.

Published 03 February 2011  –  Related categories: Accreditations  –