EffecTech awarded 5 year contract for Global Gas and LNG Proficiency Testing Scheme

EffecTech has entered into a 5 year partnership with Shell Global Solutions to provide and co-ordinate a global gas Proficiency Testing (PT) scheme according to ISO 17043 standards.

EffecTech will prepare and certify reference gases at their UK laboratory and send them “blind” to Shell laboratories located at their LNG terminals throughout the world. Each laboratory analyses these gases and reports back their results to EffecTech as scheme coordinators. Once all the results have been received, EffecTech reveals the actual gas compositions to the participants. The closeness of each laboratory’s results to the actual composition forms the basis of a quantitative assessment of their capability and performance. This will identify which are the better performing laboratories and those who may need help and guidance to improve. Anonymised results are reported to all participants so they can compare their performance against other laboratories in the scheme. The overall goal is to monitor and improve the quality of the data reported by each participating laboratory, providing Shell with an accredited global level of quality assurance.

Participants in this scheme include all of Shell LNG production sites and a number of other LNG contract laboratories around the World – For more information about participating in the scheme.

Published 22 November 2010  –  Related categories: Contracts, Proficiency Testing  –