Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity. EffecTech plays a key role in the global measurement system ensuring traceability and accuracy of the analysis of transition fuels such as natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), refinery gas, biofuels/biomethane and hydrogen-enhanced gaseous hydrocarbon fuels.

EffecTech’s products and services are vital for the billing, safety and environmental requirements for fuel gas for over a billion people across the world. EffecTech’s products and services benefit all stages of gas use, from well-head or biomethane plant to end-users for multiple purposes including heating, transport, petrochemicals, power generation and industrial use.

Supercritical carbon dioxide

Sequestration (removal) and storage of CO2 from the atmosphere is a key element of reducing the impact of climate change. It is currently suggested that CO2 should be stored as a supercritical fluid. This demonstration by EffecTech’s Business Development Director and head of the research and development team, Dr Paul Holland, explains what supercritical CO2 is.