Climate change is still the biggest threat facing humanity. Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) production by replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources is now a global target.

Natural gas is seen as the ‘renewables best friend’ during this transition to carbon-zero fuels. To reduce CO2 emissions, it is necessary to measure natural gas composition.

EffecTech plays a key part in this global measurement system ensuring traceability and accuracy for natural gas and other transition fuels, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), refinery gas, biofuels/biomethane and hydrogen-enhanced gaseous hydrocarbon fuels.

EffecTech’s products and services are also vital for accurate billing, and safety requirements for over a billion people across the world. EffecTech’s services benefit all stages of gas use, from wellhead and biomethane plant to end-users for heating, transport, petrochemicals, power generation and industrial use.

EffecTech has capability in measurement of:

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