EffecTech now offers performance evaluations of inferential devices to validate the performance of a new generation of instruments used for natural gas quality measurement. 

These instruments, often referred to as inferential devices, or inferometers, have complex algorithms which infer a set of gas properties by direct measurement of a set of other gas properties.

These proprietary algorithms mean the existing performance evaluation cannot be used. But without an evaluation, it can be difficult to convince prospective customers that the new instrument is fit for purpose.

EffecTech’s engineers have developed a new method to assess the performance of these instruments. For more information on this new method, see this presentation: Gas Analysis 2019 – Performance evaluations of inferential devices. 

EffecTech, as a member of ISO TC 193 (Natural Gas), Working Group 17, is working towards the publication of this method as part of ISO 23568.

To find out more about the new performance evaluations of inferential devices, please contact us.