Why do I need a performance evaluation?

Performance evaluations for gas chromatographs and other analytical equipment, including inferential devices, are an industry-wide recommendation, and in some cases legally or contractually required, to ensure that gas measurements, which the instruments make, are traceable and accurate and with defined uncertainty to demonstrate compliance with legal or contractual requirements.

An instrument performance evaluation will provide you with the information you need to determine whether your instrument is fit for purpose, so you can:

  • Determine whether the accuracy and uncertainty of the fiscal gas quality measurement is suitable for your requirements
  • Confirm whether it conforms with EU emissions trading legislation
  • Validate your analytical system
  • Limit financial and legal exposure from mismeasurement

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   What is a performance evaluation?

Performance evaluations can also be used to:

  • Re-calibrate response functions for correcting non-linear response characteristics for Type 1 operation (ISO 6974-1)
  • Assess the linearity uncertainty component for gas chromatographs operating in a Type 2 mode (ISO 6974-1)
  • Design the most appropriate calibration gas composition for your needs

Performance evaluations can be combined with condition-based monitoring systems for additional day-today monitoring to give you on-going confidence in your measurement systems.

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