As Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) continues to grow as an energy source globally, it is vital that both suppliers and users ensure that rigorous standards and measurement methods are applied to avoid the risks of mismeasurement.

Why do we measure LNG?

Watch our interview with three members of EffecTech’s research and development department discuss what LNG is, why LNG is measured, the risks of mismeasurement to customers and the services EffecTech offers.

To help LNG customers, EffecTech can provide:

  • For GC and vaporiser calibration:
    • 17020 accredited inspections and ISO 17025 accredited calibrations in accordance with ISO 10723 for LNG and natural gas
    • high quality traceable ISO 17034 Certified Reference Materials, which provide the amount mol fraction and uncertainties for methane, as well as all the other components.
    • to find out more about how to improve and optimise existing sampling systems for LNG inspection, please read our LNG sampling white paper by Dr Joey Walker
  • For direct measurement analysers:
    • calibration of LNG analysers, using reference liquid mixtures which are prepared cryogenically in a bespoke cryostat, also known as an LNG liquefier.
    • EffecTech’s accreditations provide traceability and accuracy through peer-reviewed procedures which give confidence to our customers in the services offered.

Bespoke LNG ConsultancyCyroStat

EffecTech® is at the forefront of LNG quality measurement techniques and would like to work with partners in industry to develop LNG gas quality measurement standards.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.