EffecTech®, through its UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, provides high quality gas mixtures with unrivalled traceability, accuracy, stability and delivery.

Using EffecTech® calibration gases can greatly reduce the uncertainty of the gas measurements you make whether it be underpinning your fiscal, contractual or environmental obligations. We ensure you receive the best solution for your application, drawing on years of experience in the gas metrology field. EffecTech produces calibration gases to the highest international standards according to their scope of accreditation issued by UKAS. These ISO 17025 calibration gases provide an accurate and traceable calibration, ensuring an unbroken chain of measurements back to the SI unit of amount of substance, the mole. Inaccurate, non-traceable calibration gases have the greatest potential for introducing errors into gas compositional measurements and hence errors in the calculated physical properties such as calorific value or carbon emission factors.