Since it was founded in 1996, EffecTech® has focused on developing expertise in the field of gas quality measurement. The company now has over 20 years of experience, making us the global leaders. As a result, EffecTech is known all over the world for its high quality products and excellent service, with over 1,250 bespoke gas mixtures manufactured a year.

To ensure that customers continue to receive the highest quality products and customer service, EffecTech;

  • Trains and retains experienced and knowledgeable staff who are able to quickly identify customer’s specific requirements and provide detailed solutions even for very complex gas quality measurement issues.
  • invests in the purchase and maintenance of dedicated equipment for each application
    • Each instrument is fine-tuned to the requirements of that particular process and will not be readjusted regularly to accommodate changing applications.
    • Each instrument is calibrated daily to minimise drift and make it easier and faster to identify any issues.
  • Develops in-house automated procedures and software to maximise efficiency without compromising on quality
  • Maintains better or comparable accuracy when compared to competitors across the product range.