Bespoke calibration gas design

How close is your calibration gas to your GC’s requirements? How do you know?

EffecTech® is able to provide the optimal hydrocarbon gas mixtures for your requirements through its bespoke calibration gas design service. This service, unique to EffecTech, combines our expertise in calibration gas design and manufacture with over 20 years of experience in delivering performance evaluations.

Our experienced technical team use the outcomes from a performance evaluation to design a calibration gas that is based on actual stream gas composition, minimising errors as much as possible.

A bespoke calibration gas is also ideal for instances where the stream gas composition may be impractical. For example, when the composition contains C6+ hydrocarbons, a calibration gas that closely matches it may be too low-pressure to be feasible, even in a 50L cylinder. A bespoke mixture can replicate the same results as the stream gas and provide you with a more cost-effective solution.

Maximising gas volume

Proposed designs will also maximise cylinder fill pressures, where appropriate, through gas liquid phase equilibrium calculations so you receive the highest gas volume possible within the required parameters.