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ISO 17034 and 17025 accreditation for both primary reference gas mixtures and certified reference materials provides confidence in the high quality gases you will receive from EffecTech.

EffecTech’s new accreditation to ISO 17034 as a producer of reference materials, which complements EffecTech’s existing ISO 17025 calibration and testing accreditations, demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with the best products and services of the highest quality.


“we do everything possible to get your calibration gas to you when you need it.”

  • Express delivery for hydrocarbon mixtures is 1 week to UK or ex works worldwide.
  • Standard delivery to UK or ex works worldwide for
    • hydrocarbon mixtures is 2-3 weeks
    • emissions gases is 2-4 weeks
      sulphur mixtures is 4-5 weeks
  • No cylinder rental charge
  • Your cylinder is purchased outright initially with the first mixture and refilled when required at a lower price. Cylinder pressure tests are included with this service at no extra cost.


Calibration gases are provided in a range of sizes and valve connections to suit customer requirements. We also supply gas control equipment with your calibration gas to ensure the integrity of the high quality gas is maintained on delivery to the instrument.

Gas mixture shelf life reminder

Gas mixtures which are not unconditionally stable will be issued with a shelf life. EffecTech will send reminders to clients when mixtures approach the end of their shelf lives to prevent the use of out of date mixtures.

Certificate of calibration

A certificate of calibration is provided with every gas mixture including reference values and uncertainties, as well as phase diagrams (where appropriate) and advice on storage conditions, to ensure that the gas mixture remains useable throughout its lifetime.

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