Performance Evaluations and Inspections for hydrogen-enriched fuel gases

In order to tackle CO2 emissions, hydrogen is now being added to fuel gases, such as natural gas, up to 20%. EffecTech’s performance evaluations and inspections help customers working with hydrogen-enriched fuel gases maintain confidence in analytical measurements used to calculate the physical properties.

Engineer working inside large oil and gas refinery, chemical plant
Performance Evaluations for Hydrogen-Enriched Fuel Gas Chromatography

Performance evaluations for custody transfer, emissions monitoring, network entry.

Instrument panel with pressure gauges, part of gas quality measurement system
Inspections of Fuel Gas Sampling Systems

An objective assessment of the sampling system, pressure reduction system, pressure reduction system, carrier, and calibration gas systems against industry best practices.

Flow metering station requiring a flow metering validation
Flow Metering Validations

Meeting system validations of secondary instrumentation for measuring gas volume.

Performance Evaluations of Inferential Devices

Performance evaluations of inferential device to validate the performance of a new generation of instruments

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