What is an LNG Sampling System Inspection?

Liquefied Natural Gas export plant, Sakhalin Island, Russia

EffecTech offers an LNG sampling system inspection service in accordance with ISO 8943 to enable customers to check that their sampling systems are fit for purpose under a full range of conditions.

An experienced EffecTech gas quality engineer will complete a full inspection of the LNG loading sampling system against the requirements of ISO 8943.

The inspection reviews the following:

  • The enthalpy of sub-cooling for homogeneous sample vapourisation
  • GC repeatability in line with the requirements of EN 12838 for the measurement of vapourised LNG. Based on this data, a Monte Carlo simulation is run, which will identify a safe operating envelope to ensure homogeneous sampling or vapourising.

A detailed compliance report is provided, highlighting any recommendations for change and adjustments based upon the findings.

For customers who measure LNG using a gas chromatograph and vapouriser, EffecTech offers

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