EffecTech Performance evaluations for biomethane sites help our customers demonstrate that they meet the regulatory specifications for Network Entry Agreements. The evaluations cover the instruments’ measurement of

  • Calorific value of the biomethane for OFGEM and billing requirements
  • Oxygen and Hydrogen Sulphide against legal limits to make sure the gas is compliant with National Grid’s safety and operational requirements for network entry.

Benefits of working directly with EffecTech®

By working directly with EffecTech, customers can expect a fast, responsive and cost-effective service, tailored to your requirements:

  • We are the experts in gas measurement – we can advise on how to improve GC performance
  • All site work can be arranged to take place on one day, to reduce downtime.

EffecTech’s performance evaluations and metering validations
provide you with the information you need to determine whether your instrument is fit for purpose, making sure:

  • Your site is compliant with legal and regulation requirements
  • You can limit your financial and legal exposure from mismeasurement

  What is a performance evaluation?

The objective of the performance evaluation is to assess the instrument’s performance against the requirements of:

  • Measurement precision
  • Maximum Permissible Errors (MPE)
  • Maximum Permissible Bias (MPB)

Performance evaluations can also be used to:

  • Recalibrate response functions for correcting non-linear response characteristics for gas chromatographs operating in a Type 1 mode (ISO 6974-1)
  • Assess the linearity uncertainty component for gas chromatographs operating in a Type 2 mode (ISO 6974-1)
  • Design the most appropriate calibration gas composition for your needs

Performance evaluations can be combined with condition-based monitoring systems to give you on-going confidence in your measurement systems.

View our Sample Reports and Certificates in our technical papers section.