EffecTech® offers metering system validations for measurement of gas volume for natural gas customers.

A metering system validation will reduce exposure to commercial risk created over time by over or under measurement of gas volume.

  • Gas volume uncertainties are the dominant factor in the metering of energy. Regular validations will reduce mismeasurements and unaccounted for gas
  • On-site calibrations of temperature, pressure and differential pressure ensuring traceable validations with defined uncertainty

Experienced EffecTech engineers will undertake validation of all fiscal meter stream elements, flow computers, and all associated instrumentation. The services includes:

  • Inspections of the primary element
  • Calibration of secondary instrumentation
  • Full evaluation of flow computer calculations

Primary Instrumentation

EffecTech offers a witnessing and inspection service for orifice plates for wear and tear, and buckling, which may affect gas volume measurements.

In the case of rotary, turbine, ultrasonic, and coriolis meters, this will comprise of a non-invasive inspection and, where applicable, health and configuration checking.

However, orifice plates also need to be regularly re-calibrated by an accredited laboratory.

Secondary Instrumentation

EffecTech’s metering validation service offers the following:

  • Calibration of pressure transmitters calibrated to ensure a high standard of accuracy and traceability
  • Calibration of temperature transmitters, or where applicable flow computer RTD inputs
  • Full evaluation by simulation of all flow computer calculations where applicable in respect of density, standard density, calorific value, velocity of sound, flow rates, and flow integration

Flow Computer

Functions and calculations are verified against independent off-line calculations. Flow computer constants and system data such as meter factors, orifice plate and pipe dimensions, and gas composition dependent factors are inspected.

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