EffecTech Academy for bespoke gas quality training

EffecTech Training Academy offers standard and bespoke one-day training courses on a wide range of gas measurement topics to suit the needs of those working in gas quality and measurement roles.

EffecTech Training Academy courses can be tailored to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced level learners and include practical work as well as theory.

Training will be in small groups of up to ten students with defined learning outcomes to allow for a focussed learning experience to suit all learning styles. Students will develop knowledge and skills that they can apply in the work-place.

Training dates for October 2017

 Date  No. of days  Course Title
 9-10 October  2  Gas Chromatograph Training for Technicians and Managers
 11 October


 Statistics and Uncertainty
 12 October  1  Liquefied Natural Gas and LNG sampling

Gas Chromatograph Training for Technicians and Managers

For this two-day course, EffecTech has a range of Gas Chromatographs most commonly used onsite and in laboratories. Students will gain hands-on practical experience in their use, calibration and maintenance. Theoretical aspects of Gas Chromatography and the calculation of physical properties will be covered.

Students will also receive an overview the role of gas quality measurement in the natural gas / LNG industries, including what natural gas is and how and why its composition is measured.

Statistics and Uncertainty

Students will receive an overview of the importance of statistics and the calculations of uncertainty when making gas measurements. Students will examine the types of errors found in gas analysis and how they are propagated. The importance of repeat measurements, trend analysis and Monte Carlo simulations will also be covered. The course will include practical exercises to build confidence in developing spreadsheet-based uncertainty calculations.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

This course will provide an overview of the measurement of LNG and focuses on the difficulties in sampling and measurement of LNG. Current best practice will be covered along with an introduction to the cutting edge research EffecTech has undertaken to produce known composition LNG which has been subsequently used to validate optical instruments for the direct measurement of LNG (Raman).

Future Courses

The EffecTech Training Academy is also working with partners to develop courses with external instructors from other disciplines within the oil and gas industry so that customers can receive a one-stop shop training package suitable for their needs.

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Can’t see the course you want?

We are always on the look-out for new ideas and course concepts. If you would like EffecTech to run a course specific to your requirements, please contact us and we will work with you to provide high-quality training to your specifications.


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