PRGMs Gases

PRGM – Reference gases with the lowest available uncertainties.

In terms of metrological hierarchy, Primary Reference Gas Mixtures (PRGM) sit at the top of the traceability chain and hold the status of the highest quality standards available for use by commercial organisations. They are typically only used for the most sensitive calibrations where the best uncertainty is required. The composition of a primary standard is calculated directly from gravimetry and verified by a large number of analytical measurements in accordance with ISO 6142 Part 1.

PRGMs are typically used by calibration laboratories and specialty gas manufacturers to establish the reference values of their own internal standards through an analytical comparison with the PRGM. These internal standard mixtures are then used routinely to calibrate accredited reference gases or other working gas mixtures sold to customers. By using PRGMs in this way, gas mixtures sold to their client still have acceptably low uncertainties.

SRGM – Secondary Reference Gas Mixtures are prepared gravimetrically by EffecTech and are calibrated against PRGMs where the analytical value and analytical uncertainties are reported on the certificate. SRGMs are the most popular choice of calibration gas as they balance low uncertainties with value for money, especially when supplied in large volume cylinders.

CGM – Calibrated Gas Mixtures are prepared by another third party specialty gas manufacturer and are calibrated by EffecTech using PRGMs. The analytical value and uncertainty are reported on the certificate. Click here to find out more.

All calibration gases can be supplied by EffecTech as ISO 17025 accredited PRGM, SRGM or through a third party supplier as a CGM.


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