EffecTech Proficiency Testing Schemes - Global Gas & LNG and Stack Emissions

What is a proficiency testing scheme?

ISO 17043 Proficiency testing (PT) schemes provide an objective way of assessing the performance (bias, stability, and repeatability) of laboratories by a series of regular inter-laboratory comparisons. Regular participation in a PT Scheme is a requirement of ISO 17025 and needed by highly regulated industries such as the LNG and stack testing communities.

EffecTech runs two schemes: the Global Gas and LNG Proficiency Testing Scheme (GG LNG) for the LNG industry; and the recently launched Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme (SEPTS) for companies that provide stack testing services.

How the EffecTech Proficiency Testing Schemes work

Each participating laboratory will receive ISO 17025 synthetic gas samples to analyse, appropriate to their requirements. Each laboratory then performs a routine analysis of the gas samples and reports back their analytical results to EffecTech, where the results are compared to the actual composition values.

The closeness of each laboratory’s results to the actual composition of the gas samples forms the basis of a quantitative assessment of their capability and performance. The full set of results for all laboratories are reported anonymously to the whole group, with each participant being made aware of the identity of their own result.

Benefits of Participation

  • Participation in an EffecTech PT scheme provides laboratories with an objective means of assessing and demonstrating the reliability of the data they are producing. Participants are also able to assess their performance in relation to other laboratories. These results can be used to demonstrate laboratory competency as well as ensure companies are compliant with regulation requirements for participation in a scheme.
  • Regular involvement in a PT scheme also helps participants to monitor levels of improvement against their own results as well as the results from the rest of the scheme members.
  • Each participant will purchase their own cylinders for analysis:
    • No cylinder rental payments
    • After completion of the PT scheme, the customer can request an ISO 17025 certificate for each cylinder free of charge, so the gas can be used to establish traceability
    • All initial transport of cylinders to each participant’s requested location will be arranged by EffecTech
  • Once a member of the scheme, EffecTech will contact each laboratory with a reminder for the next round when appropriate.
  • Participants in the GG LNG scheme include LNG contract laboratories around the World - For more information about participating in the scheme.
  • Participation in the EffecTech Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme (SEPTS) is open to Stack Testing Houses throughout UK and Europe - For more information about participating in the scheme.

Downloads For GG LNG

Downloads For SEPTS

More information on participating in the Global Gas and LNG scheme

More information on participating in the Stack Emissions Testing scheme


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