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EffecTech is an independent specialist company providing accredited inspection, calibration and testing services to the energy and power industries for gas quality, flow and total energy metering. Our highly trained and experienced staff provide fast and effective solutions to your fiscal, regulatory, contractual, safety and environmental gas measurement requirements.

EffecTech Academy for bespoke gas quality training

EffecTech will be opening its Training Academy in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire this year, offering standard and bespoke one-day training courses on a wide range of gas measurement topics to suit the needs of those working in gas quality and measurement roles. Find out more  

Proficiency Testing Schemes

EffecTech runs two schemes: the Global Gas and LNG Proficiency Testing Scheme (GG LNG) for the LNG industry; and the recently launched Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme (SEPTS) for company who offer stack testing services. Find out more  

Gas Quality Consultancy

EffecTech offers advice and consultancy on all aspects of the gas quality measurement chain. Find out more  

Flow Metering Validation

Metering system validation, if carried out correctly will reduce exposure to commercial risk created over time by possible over or under metering of total energy. Find out more 

Inspection of Gas Quality Measurements

ISO 17020 & ISO 17025 accredited inspection & calibration services identifying inaccurate measurements in your energy metering system. Find out more

Calibration Gases

EffecTech offer a range of ISO 17025 calibration gases for your application, including natural gas, refinery gas and emission gases with unrivalled delivery times. Find out more

Performance Evaluation of Analytical Equipment

EffecTech uses ISO 10723:2012 to quantify the performance characteristics of your instrument to demonstrate compliance with fiscal, regulatory, contractual and environmental gas measurement requirements. Find out more

Analytical Support

EffecTech can provide a sampling service followed by UKAS accredited analysis of your natural gas sample and gas condensate for business critical purposes. Find out more

EU/ETS Emissions Trading

EffecTech provides calibration services for clients necessary for compliance with the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU/ETS).

EffecTech's laboratory is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for providing calibration gases accredited to ISO 17025 and the analysis of samples collected from customers site. EffecTech is unique in providing ISO 17025 calibration at customers site to calibrate their on-line process instruments for compliance with the requirements of the EU directive. This requirement for on-line monitoring is outlined in section 13.5.3 of the “Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines” of the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU/ETS). Find out more  


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EffecTech can provide answers to the following questions about your gas quality measurement instrument.

  • Is it analysing your gas?
  • By receiving a properly conditioned and representative sample from the sample point is it fit for purpose?
  • Properly configured for natural gas analysis over the range of components and concentrations expected.
  • Is it efficient?
  • Separating all components without interference and in an acceptable analysis cycle time.
  • Is it precise?
  • Capable of producing repeatable data for all components and over an acceptable range of concentration.
  • Is there any measurement bias?
  • Due to non linear response of the instrument is it accurate?

Calibrated with a reference gas mixture of well established composition and uncertainty which is chemically traceable to international standards and provided with a certificate issued by an accredited calibration laboratory.

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