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An ISO 17020 accredited inspection will provide an assessment of the sampling system, pressure reduction system, carrier and calibration gas systems against industry best practice. Instrument setup and calculation checks ensure correct system configuration whose errors may be contributing to mis-measurements and hence financial risk, poor process control or risk of legal litigation.

  ISO 17025 accredited site calibrations of process instruments will identify measurement uncertainties in composition, calorific value and carbon emission factors needed to fully comply with fiscal, contractual and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.
  We operate a re-calibration database and will remind clients of forthcoming instrument calibrations.

EffecTech provides Inspection and performance evaluations on Gas Quality Measurement Systems & process gas chromatographs in accordance with the international standards ISO 17020 & ISO 10723. Operators require this to demonstrate that their natural gas measurement systems are operating as expected and that optimal performance is being maintained reducing significant mis-measurements which may compound over time. Regular site Inspections and performance evaluations provide confidence in the metering system and objective evidence that the gas is being metered correctly. EffecTech is first in the world to have gained ISO 17025 accreditation for on-site calibration by performance evaluation. This enables EffecTech to provide clients with evidence of compliance with even the strictest fiscal metering requirements.  

Why EffecTech?

Track record, experience, qualifications are second to none.

EffecTech staff are highly trained specialists in all aspects of gas quality measurement technology. This specialist function is ideal for outsourcing as a turnkey package and reduces the high costs associated with maintaining in-house expertise and allows the client to maintain core business focus.

We have first hand experience of process gas and laboratory chromatographs from Daniel, Hartmann and Braun, ABB, Fisher Rosemount, Encal, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Varian and Carle.

Use of an independent company can provide valuable evidence of compliance with the best measurement practices in the event of external third party audits.

Checking all the above points, based on the use of international standard method ISO 10723, will confirm that the gas quality measurement system meets your contractual/operational and safety obligations.


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Fiscal Gas Risk

Calculate the financial risk your metering system might be costing you, by using our Fiscal Gas Risk tool. Simply login and select Fiscal Gas Risk in our download area or If you are new to EffecTech, please register to access this feature.

Need Answers ?

EffecTech can provide answers to the following questions about your gas quality measurement instrument.

  • Is it analysing your gas?
  • By receiving a properly conditioned and representative sample from the sample point is it fit for purpose?
  • Properly configured for natural gas analysis over the range of components and concentrations expected.
  • Is it efficient?
  • Separating all components without interference and in an acceptable analysis cycle time.
  • Is it precise?
  • Capable of producing repeatable data for all components and over an acceptable range of concentration.
  • Is there any measurement bias?
  • Due to non linear response of the instrument is it accurate?

Calibrated with a reference gas mixture of well established composition and uncertainty which is chemically traceable to international standards and provided with a certificate issued by an accredited calibration laboratory.

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