Calibration Gases and Speciality Gases

EffecTech provides Primary Reference Gas Mixtures (PRGMs), Secondary Reference Gas Mixtures (SRGMs) and Calibrated Gas Mixtures (CGMs). Click here to find out more about the traceability hierarchy of the reference gases we offer.

  Standard delivery for hydrocarbon mixtures is 2 – 3 weeks, emission gases is 2 – 4 weeks and sulphur mixtures is
4 – 5 weeks to UK or ex works Worldwide.
  Express delivery for hydrocarbon mixtures only is 1 week delivered to UK or ex works Worldwide. This is due to our new state-of-the-art gravimetric production facility coupled with our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory at the same site.
  No cylinder rental charge. The cylinder is purchased outright initially with the first mixture and refilled by us when required at a lower cost. Cylinder pressure tests are included and we will arrange this service at no extra cost.
  Gas mixtures which are not unconditionally stable will be issued with a shelf life. We send reminders to clients when mixtures approach the end of their shelf lives, thus preventing out of date mixtures being used.
  We will design the gas mixtures appropriate for the clients requirements but also maximising cylinder fill pressures through gas liquid phase equilibrium calculations.
  The new “Ask the expert” blog allows access to World leading scientists and metrologists who can help with issues and queries relating to calibration gases, gas analysis, flow measurement, hydrocarbon dewpoint and emissions trading schemes. Click here to ask a question.
  Use our new software “Fiscal Gas Risk” which is a stand alone executable which will highlight in monetary terms the risk associated with flow and gas quality measurement uncertainties. Simply login and click Fiscal Gas Risk or if you are new to EffecTech, please click here.

Calibration Gases and Specialty Gases

EffecTech, through its UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, provides high quality gas mixtures with unrivalled traceability, accuracy, stability & delivery.

UKAS accreditedUsing EffecTech calibration gases can greatly reduce the uncertainty of the gas measurements you make whether it be underpinning your fiscal, contractual or environmental obligations. We ensure you receive the best solution for your application, drawing on years of experience in the gas metrology field. EffecTech produces calibration gases to the highest international standards according to their scope of accreditation issued by UKAS. These ISO 17025 calibration gases provide an accurate and traceable calibration, ensuring an unbroken chain of measurements back to the SI unit of amount of substance, the mole. Inaccurate, non-traceable calibration gases have the greatest potential for introducing errors into gas compositional measurements and hence errors in the calculated physical properties such as calorific value or carbon emission factors. 

EffecTech offers ISO 17025 calibration gases for the following applications:

  • LNG gas
  • Refinery gas
  • Blast Furnace gas
  • Natural Gas (up to C10)
  • Propane balance gases
  • Mixed Refrigerant gases
  • Trace Sulphur gases (H2S, COS etc)
  • Emission gases (CO, CO2, NO, SO2 & O2)

Gas mixture fill pressures are maximised using gas / liquid phase equilibrium calculations once usage and storage temperatures for clients site has been established.

UKAS schedule of accreditation - calibration   For our official Schedule of Accreditation issued by UKAS -  Calibration


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Fiscal Gas Risk

Calculate the financial risk your metering system might be costing you, by using our Fiscal Gas Risk tool. Simply login and select Fiscal Gas Risk in our download area or If you are new to EffecTech, please register to access this feature.

Need Answers ?

EffecTech can provide answers to the following questions about your gas quality measurement instrument.

  • Is it analysing your gas?
  • By receiving a properly conditioned and representative sample from the sample point is it fit for purpose?
  • Properly configured for natural gas analysis over the range of components and concentrations expected.
  • Is it efficient?
  • Separating all components without interference and in an acceptable analysis cycle time.
  • Is it precise?
  • Capable of producing repeatable data for all components and over an acceptable range of concentration.
  • Is there any measurement bias?
  • Due to non linear response of the instrument is it accurate?

Calibrated with a reference gas mixture of well established composition and uncertainty which is chemically traceable to international standards and provided with a certificate issued by an accredited calibration laboratory.

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