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  Standard analysis – results within 48 hours of sample arriving at our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory – for hydrocarbon and sulphur analysis

Express analysis - results within 24 hours of sample arriving at our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory – for hydrocarbon and sulphur analysis

  • Natural Gas up to C12, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon, hydrogen & helium
  • Condensate analysis, both pressurised and stabilised up to C30, nitrogen carbon dioxide
  We offer a site sampling service where an EffecTech engineer will visit a customer’s site to take a sample of gas for immediate analysis at our ISO 17025 testing laboratory.

EffecTech provides a high quality analysis & sampling service. In addition, we provide a considered interpretation of analytical data, which is fit for purpose, with an understanding of how the measurement will be used by the customer in making key decisions about your business.

EffecTech's laboratory is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for both composition and physical properties of natural gas and gas condensate. For our official Schedule of Accreditation issued by UKAS - click here

To meet the client's needs EffecTech will discuss fully all the options to ensure the analysis is suitable for the intended purpose prior to undertaking any work.

Our Quality Is Your Confidence
  • In the analysis of natural gas and gas condensate you require confidence in
  • Composition (component concentration including water)
  • Sulphur content (hydrogen sulphide, ethyl mercaptan etc)
  • Physical properties (calorific value, density, relative density and Wobbe index)
  • Uncertainties on these measurements
  • To reduce potential financial exposure
Only such data provided by EffecTech will ensure that you
  • Are getting value for money on the gas you are supplied
  • Can calculate efficiencies of the processes you are using
  • Can present data to your business partners which will stand up to external scrutiny used in custody transfer and allocation measurement systems


EffecTech can attend site to take your gas sample or provide suitable sampling containers prepared according to ISO 10715:1997 - Natural Gas - Sampling guidelines. Great care and consideration is given to sampling to ensure a representative sample is obtained at sample point.

EffecTech use only competent and experienced staff who have a sound understanding of all the factors that affect valid analytical measurements.

For every natural gas sample we:

  • Use a range of seven reference gas mixtures traceable to internationally accepted standards of measurement in the field of natural gas. Each reference gas is analysed at least ten times to calibrate our analytical instruments in accordance with ISO 6143
  • Use validated methods of natural gas analysis (developed on ISO 6974 & ASTM 1945-81)
  • Perform at least ten replicate analyses of each sample in order to provide the degree of confidence required by the client and accepted by UKAS
  • quote measurement uncertainties on all components in the natural gas and on the derived physical properties using internationally accepted methods (ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement - GUM)

EffecTech is UKAS accredited as a calibration and testing laboratory. As a calibration laboratory we have to demonstrate the highest levels of accuracy and traceability in our measurements and be able to defend the levels of uncertainty claimed on our certificates. This depth of understanding is not required by a routine testing laboratory.

UKAS Schedule of Accreditation - testing - click here


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UKAS Accredited

Our laboratory is :

  • accredited by UKAS as a calibration laboratory for composition and physical properties in natural gas.
  • accredited as a testing laboratory for providing high quality analysis of gas samples.
  • able to measure hydrocarbons, helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide components in gas using ISO based methods.
  • able to measure sulphur components, hydrogen sulphide, ethyl mercaptan, etc able to measure high pressure and stabilised condensate up to C26, water content (Karl Fischer) and density.
  • determine calculated physical properties of gas using ISO, BSI, GERG and AGA methods
  • guarantee accuracy of measurement as all measurements are traceable to primary reference gas mixtures through an unbroken chain of comparisons.

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