ISO 17025 accredited reference gas mixtures are the industry-standard recommendation for customers who wish to avoid the financial consequences of long-term mismeasurement and to ensure the measurement accuracy of analytical equipment.

EffecTech® offers the following reference gas mixtures:

Primary Reference Gas Mixtures (PRGMs)

PRGMs are the highest quality standards available for use by commercial organisations. These reference gases have the lowest achievable uncertainties and are used by ISO 17025 laboratories who need to establish reference values for internal gas standards.

Secondary Reference Gas Mixtures (SRGMs)

SRGMs are the most frequently used calibration gases for the calibration of gas chromatographs and other analytical devices because they balance low uncertainties with value for money, especially when supplied in large volume cylinders.
EffecTech supplies SRGMs for:

  • Natural gas and LNG gases, sulphur and odourant gases for the oil and gas industry
  • Binary emission gas mixtures for continuous emissions monitoring
  • Blast furnace gases for process control and emissions trading requirements in iron and steel manufacturing

Calibrated Gas Mixtures (CGM)

EffecTech offers a calibration service for speciality gas manufacturers who need to supply accredited calibration mixtures to their customers. EffecTech provides a certificate reporting the analytical values and uncertainty for each calibrated mixture.

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