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Frequency and Benefits

This global proficiency testing scheme is run annually in May.

See below for the suite of gas mixtures available.

Companies with multiple teams need only purchase one set of gases and can submit multiple sets of results per round for a small additional fee per team. In addition, after the initial purchase, each participant will only pay for cylinder refilling for future rounds and EffecTech will carry out cylinder re-tests when required so there are no additional responsibilities or costs for the customer. The analysis takes place at a time and location suitable to the participants (within the timescale of the scheme) so there is no need for overnight stays or equipment transport.


Composition range (mol/mol)

carbon monoxide in nitrogen

50 ppm to 1000 ppm

carbon dioxide in nitrogen

1% to 10%

oxygen in nitrogen

2% to 14%

nitric oxide in nitrogen

5 ppm to 500 ppm

nitric oxide (NO) in NO/NO2 mix

40 ppm to 400 ppm

nitrogen oxides (NO2) in NO/NO2 mix

50 ppm to 500 ppm

sulphur dioxide in nitrogen

50 ppm to 1000 ppm

propane in 10% oxygen /nitrogen

1 ppm to 50 ppm


Participants are required to report the composition and an estimate of the uncertainty of the gas where appropriate using the reporting template.


Evaluation will be using ISO 17043 approved methods including En ratio and Z scores.


As mandated by ISO 17043, all data including participants and performance will be kept strictly confidential.  Only the submitting laboratory will receive feedback on their performance.  Performance data will be reported to the whole group anonymously.


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